Meet the founder, Julie!

What began as an insatiable desire to help guide women through proper core development and functional movement 27 years ago has grown into helping bridge the gap that I began to realize existed in bringing valuable, expert information all in one place for women over 40 to help answer their most pressing questions about the aging process (and help them navigate it too!).

The whole idea of aging and what it means and how it feels and all of the incredible emotions, questions and ups and downs that come with it really started to hit me in my mid-40's just after the birth of my daughter (whom I had at the age of 43).

I began to ponder things like:

  • Why does this stubborn weight gain happen? What can I do about it?

  • How can I advocate for myself when it comes to working with medical experts and what questions should I be asking as I approach menopause?

  • What do I need to know about how my hormones have and will be changing?

  • Does the type of movement and type of food I need as I age change?  If so, how?

  • Am I alone in feeling a little discouraged when I think about how my body used to look and feel in my 20's and 30's and how it looks now?

All these questions and more affected me personally and I made a promise and a commitment not only to myself, but to all other women just like me over 40, to create the programs found in the Pro Aging Programs site.

I made it my primary purpose to create a place based on expertise and not hearsay to serve women of all shapes and sizes and backgrounds and beliefs to bring helpful, relevant and effective information to their fingertips about how to embrace aging and get even better with age.

For me, I hope to stay active, vibrant and youthful regardless of what my age is... and I am committed to sharing that message with as many other women as I can.

I believe that we can all live in a body that is strong, fit and healthy while also nurturing, supporting and making peace with how that body looks each step of the way.

It doesn't need to look "perfect".

We CAN be strong, vibrant and healthy and we can do it without needing to beat ourselves up or without seeking an unrealistic ideal of perfection.

This is the pro aging movement.

These are the Pro Aging Programs. 

Consider them your manuals for midlife! 

We are women over 40 - hear us ROAR!

Interested in working with me?

Private personal training and small group sessions may be available in my private fitness studio.

If you live in the Okotoks, South Calgary, High River, Black Diamond, Priddis, Nanton, Turner Valley, Millarville and/or De Winton areas and would like personalized fitness programming, personal training or small group classes (3 people) please reach out to me.  

Visit www.juliehodge.ca for more information or contact me or call 403-651-1088.